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At Test Your Health is to deliver comprehensive pathology services directly to our customers' doorsteps, ensuring convenient and accessible healthcare solutions with a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and personalized care.


To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task, but we were hear to do this sure. We have probably conquered our dream's with the amazing success of testing your health,," our dream to provide services at your door. You will not need to go anywhere because your time will be saved, you will not have to go anywhere, or you will not be charged any extra.

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Top-Tests we cover : CBC | CRP | ECR | Widal | Lipid Profile | Hba1C | RTPCR | Liver Function | VDRL | TSH | Thyroid | HBSAG | SGPT | Urine Culture | Troponin | RFT | RBS | PSA | D Dimer | Prolectin | HIV | Creatinine | ANA | AMH | Urine | Uric Acid | SGOT | Ra Factor | lgE | HCV | FBS | Coombs | Typhoid | CA 125 | All Full Body Packages | All Blood Tests |